1. Do I need to pack my item before sending/pickup process?

Yes, you can refer to our packaging guidelines. However, you can opt for our add-on or customise packaging (additional rates may apply).

2. When is the collection time?

The pickup time is made on working days only.

Mon to Sat (13.00-1800 hrs local East Malaysia states) OR through special/customised arrangement from both parties agreed on.

3. What if my parcel’s pickup does not happen or was not given within the time slot allocated?

Please inform us via hotline/message or email customersupport@arkod.com.my right away. If the courier is found to be at fault or due to any beyond circumstances such as (weather, traffic conditions, store loading and wait times, and other unexpected barriers to loading or unloading. We will inform you of the new pickup date for the next day.

Last-minute pickup rescheduling by the customer is not encouraged. However, for unavoidable situations, you may reschedule the pickup from the shipment menu within 6 hours via our website.

4. Can I use Third Party Collection?

Yes, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure there Lis somebody at the third-party collection address to hand the goods to the transporter.

5. What is a volumetric calculator/volumetric weight means?

Also refer to “dimensional weight”. It is a billing technique that measures a package's length, width and height. Our system automatically calculates the correct volumetric weight for your consignment/parcel.

6. How to print the Waybill?

The Waybill will be emailed to the customer after the check-out/booking has been made.

7. What happened if there are weight discrepancies?

For parcels under declared weight, ARKOD will charge the difference at our full tariff rate. The full tariff will be charged automatically via deduction of your ARKOD account and you will be notified by email.

8. How long my order will be saved?

Your order/booking will be always available in your ARKOD account.

9. Who can I contact for queries for ARKOD services regards to quantity/bulk deliveries quotation for corporate rate?

Please go to “Customize Plan” and fill in the details. Our team will contact you as soon as possible.

10. Do you offer bulk deliveries quotation or corporate rates?

Yes, click “Customize Plan” our team reach out to you for further enquiries.

11. Can I cancel my order after submitting for delivery request/confirmation? / What will happen if I cancel my order?

  • Yes, for forwarding only can cancel within 1 day after the booking made.
  • For Door to Door also can be cancel within 1 day, but booking status after In Progress cannot be cancel anymore.
  • If the order/booking exceeds 1 day, you need to contact us via hotline/message right away.
  • The process of ARKOD account refund will be in accordance with the terms and conditions.

12. How to cancel my order?

Cancel your order/booking through our website or Login to your ARKOD account and contact our customersupport@arkod.com.my

13. When will my E-credits (Arkod Points) expire?

  • E-credits (Arkod Points) are valid for 18 months from the top-up date.
  • This means that the points' validity is reset/will start counting once every top-up is made.
  • There will be no refund of credits upon expiry/if no top-up is made after 18 months (the remaining points will be deducted from your account “reset to zero points”).

14. What is the maximum size limit for Door to Door service?

Size specification.
  1. 100 x 150 x 160 (L x H x W)
  2. 150 x 120 x 120 (L x H x W)
  3. 160 x 80 x 80 (L x H x W)

Other than the mentioned size, you can opt for our “Customise Logistic Service”.

15. How to use the parcel photo upload function?

Customer/Consignor are encouraged to upload the item’s/parcel’s photo (Format: jpeg, png, pdf) with a maximum size of 1MB for our reference, assist for packaging guide, item/parcel size estimation, etc.

16. How does ARKOD charge for additional insurance coverage?

5% insurance coverage as standard. However, rate changes may apply based on the value of the parcel.

17. I have made an error during E-wallet top-up via online transfer with less than the minimum top-up amount. What should I do?

The customer is required to add/Top-up their ARKOD account (credit) based on ARKOD minimum credit Top-up for a smooth transaction in the future.

18. What modes of payment can I use for the ARKOD logistic services?

Direct Payment, FPX Online Banking, Online Transfer, senangPay, Duit Now, Master & Visa.

19. What happens if my parcel or item is still not ready during pickup time?

Ensure that your parcel or item is ready for pickup on the designated date & time. Charges will apply correspondingly, with deductions from the credit on your ARKOD account for the unloaded item or an empty truckload on that day.

1. How to track my item/parcel?

Click on the “Track & Trace” menu option OR Login to your ARKOD account and find “Track & Trace” – enter your tracking number.

Do note that the Track & Trace details are only available after the collection of consignments.

2. I want a Delivery Order (DO)/ Waybill to be returned to me after delivery. What should I do?

You may contact our hotline or email our customersupport@arkod.com.my for further enquiries.

3. What if my parcel is lost & damaged?

You may contact our hotline or email our customersuppport@arkod.com.my to further your issue.

4. What if the receiver/consignee is not present/available to receive the item/consignment?

The carrier driver from certain companies may leave a calling card at the doorstep requesting manual collection OR we will inform you of the delivery rescheduled for the next day. Otherwise, the consignment may be returned to the depot. The consignee can pick up their goods or parcel from the depot.

5. What if the status of the parcel shows undelivered? Will there be another delivery?

Undelivered status indicates the driver has failed to deliver the parcel. This happens when the receiver is not present to receive the parcel. The receiver may reschedule the pickup by contacting our hotline or emailing us at customersupport@arkod.com.my

If the courier is found to be at fault or any beyond circumstances such as (whether, working hours, traffic conditions, store loading and wait times, and other unexpected barriers to loading or unloading, we will inform you of the reschedule for the next day.

6. How do I know if my parcel has been delivered?

The delivery status will be shown/updated in our “Trace & Track” menu option.

7. How to print the Invoice Report?

The Invoice Report will be generated automatically after Checkout OR you will be notified through an email.

8. How to refund my order?

You may contact our hotline or email customersupport@arkod.com.my to further your enquiries.

9. How to return my order?

You may contact our hotline or email our customersupport@arkod.com.my to further your enquiries.

2. What is the purpose of scanning QR the code?

To provide ease of operation for the delivering agent to update delivery status and view a specific task description through the waybill “QR code”.

3. What if an accident occurs, loss or any unfavoured circumstances happen in the process of delivering?

The compensation of loss or damaged item will be covered by the agent.

4. Can I change the collection/pickup time with the customers?

Yes. The agent is required to inform ARKOD customer support and the customer before collection/pickup time.

5. What is the meaning of “manpower required” under the additional service/special request?

Manpower required means the Van/Lorry driver needs to bring an extra helper to assist in the loading and unloading. The number of manpower required would mean the number of helpers requires, not including the driver.

6. What should I do if the parcel cannot be delivered on the stated date?

Delivery Agent should update “Undelivered” with reason if the customer is not available or request to change the delivery date.

7. Can I cancel my delivery after accepting the delivery task?

Once the task/assignment is accepted, it CAN NOT be cancelled unless there are last minutes changes. Please notify or provide your reason. Multiple cancellations will lead to your account suspension.

8. What if the sender or receiver is not present during the pickup time/delivery of the parcel/item?

Agents are required to call or reach out to the sender/receiver before pickup and delivery for their availability. Please reschedule the pickup/delivery time and date for the following available day. You can leave the parcel at the door ONLY with the consent/request of the receiver with proof of photos and SMS/message.

9. Do you accept sub-contractors?

Yes. If you are interested, please sign-up for our agent account and email us your interest. Our agent application form can be found at https://arkod.com.my/ - Agent Application.

We will contact you to further your application and discuss your future task.

10. How do I get paid after completing the task/ successfully delivering the parcel?

Agents send or email their invoice report of successfully delivering status to billing@arkod.com.my

The payment will be transferred to the agent account/bank every fortnightly, Friday.